My first TpT product!

Good morning, all!

I am so excited to finally have my site up and running, as well as my TpT store! I sure have been using these snow days to my advantage. :)

My first product on TpT is a (free) St. Patrick's Day themed QR Code Scavenger Hunt. I use these in my classroom for differentiated math groups, and sometimes as whole group activities. I post different color scavenger hunts all around our classroom and my students independently do the color that has been assigned to their group. My kids LOVE it! It's great because they can self-monitor their work and use their group mates to help them clear up any questions or errors they may have made while I am working with my guided math groups. I will have more posted soon to reach more standards and grades, so check back shortly. The QR code activity can be found here!

Have a great day!